We asked, and you answered! (Well, one of you answered, so thank you for that—we’ll be working on the other people you mentioned, too.) First up for your holiday party inspiration, we have Merida of Brave fame. There seems to be a general consensus on the Polyvore sets that feature Merida about this teal lace dress, but we looked it up and discovered that it’s $80, which is so far out of our price range that it’s probably in the next galaxy. Therefore, we tried to dig up things that were a little bit cheaper for you.

First up: this light teal shift dress we found at Charlotte Russe for $29. The shade is a little off for Merida, but it’s simple enough to still be similar. Plus, it has long sleeves, and this is winter, after all. The other long sleeve dress we found at Amazon for around $20. This one is most similar to that Polyvore dress we mentioned earlier. Finally, the gown is also from Amazon, for those of you who want something longer or a little fancier. Gowns are a little unpredictable, but this one is right on budget at $50.

And where would we be without shoes? We have two options for you here: these tan booties that we found at Kohl’s for $40, or these gold Steve Madden wedges that we found on Amazon for around $50. We know not everyone is a master at walking in heels, so we went for the wedge because not only does it look really nice, it also is so much easier to walk in than your standard pump. Finally, we topped it off with this gold bangle from Forever 21 for $8.80.

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